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TBA Athletics Blog

We are honored and very excited to be able to work with the student-athlete here at Tabernacle Baptist Academy. Participation in athletics develops the student mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually. A full varsity athletic program is available for those who wish to participate and who qualify. All students are encouraged to try out for the various squads at TBA. We consider the athletic fields or the gymnasium courts as just another classroom to develop the total person to conform more to the image of Jesus Christ. We would like to accomplish four primary goals through our Athletic Department:

  1. To honor the Lord through athletic achievement
  2. Develop personal discipline
  3. Teach perseverance and endurance
  4. To instill a winning spirit

All participants are expected to maintain the same Biblical standards that are required during the school day. The standards of conduct apply to practice sessions, games, and any other time the student-athlete is representing the school. Being a member of an athletic team or the cheerleading squad demands sacrifice and much devoted effort. Parents, as well as participants, must be willing to spend extra time and effort if the squads are to be successful.