Academic Excellence since 1969

History of Tabernacle Baptist Academy

Tabernacle Baptist School (TBS) was founded in 1969 as an integral part of Tabernacle Baptist Church.  From day one, our staff has been dedicated to educating and training young people for the Glory of God.  Home-school cooperation has been a major reason for the success of TBS.  The family is the center of our system.

TBS became Tabernacle Baptist Academy (TBA) in 1999.  There have been over 400 graduates that circle the globe in their service for God.  Approximately 60% of TBA graduates attend Bible college.  Overall 95% go to the college of their choice.

The history of TBA includes a record of stability and consistency of purpose.  We have gone from our first computer to a lab with twenty-five computers.  Each classroom is equipped with a computer, email, and access to power point projectors. TBA is a school with a history but perhaps even more importantly one with a vision — not only an institutional vision but a vision for each student of the 21st century.